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Submit as text or html only. Always paste fics into the body of the email submission.

Include ALL of the following headers. Any that aren't applicable to your fic should say NA.

Nearly anything will fly here, as long as it's properly rated, entertaining and about the fictional world of Eureka.

As an individual, I am seriously biased toward fun, uplifting, adventurous, intriguing, illuminating, and satisfying fiction. does rate the fiction on this site. I will also be doing year-in-review awards for the best fiction as determined by Winners will each receive a $10 (USD) gift certificate. The total number of fic awards categories is yet to be determined.

It's my position that fan fic is a form of flattery and community surrounding another's work of fiction, so I generally ignore complaints of derivative works of fan fiction. I do not ignore complaints of outright plagarism, which is an entirely different issue. Please do not submit others' works as your own.

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